Recommended Data Logger Re-Calibration Schedule

Re-Calibration Schedule

How can I get my logger re-calibrated?

We offer a full re-calibration service when the loggers are returned to your nearest distributor.
The loggers are re-calibrated at three points for temperature and two points for humidity.  A new calibration certificate is supplied accordingly.

As when originally supplied, the corrections are applied to the logger, therefore there is no requirement for any formula to be applied to the downloaded data.

Why would I need to re-calibrate my logger?

When is a good time to have a logger re-calibrated? This is a question that will cross the minds of everyone responsible for managing an inventory of loggers.
Although not mandatory, it is good practice to have all loggers under your control re-calibrated on an annual basis, providing confidence in the accuracy and therefore peace of mind.

Once every twelve months is a standard time period between calibrations. The calibration for our Scientific/Medical logger is valid for 24 months but we do recommend validation during that time.

Following this voluntary schedule should be even more of a priority especially when loggers are used to monitor the temperatures of either medical related processes or the storage conditions of high value perishable products.

The most common reason for a logger to go out of calibration is unintentional handling mishaps to a logger.
i.e. any handling incidents suffered by a logger that are out of your control. For instance, while a logger is in transit with a product shipment etc.

As an example, if a logger has been dropped on the floor there is a chance that the temperature sensor has had stress applied to it from the fall. If this has happened, the stress applied to the logger temperature sensor will change the characteristics of the temperature sensor, which can alter the accuracy of the logger. This event may shift the logger accuracy away from results provided on the original calibration certificate. For this reason alone, it is good practice to have your loggers accuracy checked annually by re-calibration.

As a precautionary step an ice point check can be carried out to a unit suspected as being out of calibration.
For information on how to carry out this test, please see the PDF guide provided below