Real Time Monitoring

TAD (Temprecord Active Display) - Real Time Monitoring

TAD Real-time Temperature Monitoring,

Temprecord Active Display (TAD) is a revolutionary real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system from Temprecord International. At the heart of TAD is Temprecord’s Scientific multi-use recorder – calibrated and supplied with a traceable calibration certificate to international ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Great for compliance and risk management, TAD features include:

  • User programmed alarm preferences
  • Continues to log during power or network failure
  • Monitoring and reporting options
  • Step-down alarm features and options
  • Fail-safe backup and lost data refresh
  • ISO17025 standard and effortless recalibration programme
  • Hardware options for mobility

Save money by automating monitoring functions and alerts therefore preserving valuable product before it goes out of acceptable environmental limits during:

  • Storage
  • Manufacturing/processing

Temprecord Active Display (TAD) Real-time Monitoring  is an automated “hands off” system that monitors environmental information as it happens, then sends out a warning enabling action to be taken in a timely manner to preserve valuable products.  Fully automated monitoring, warning and reporting system requiring minimal human input, saving time and money as well as reducing the potential for human error.

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, room pressure differential,  power fail, door open, all in real time
  • Each unit can be individually programmed for parameters, alerts, reports, etc
  • Regular automatic reports to QA Management in PDF format, with critical data backup
  • 100% reliable – in the event of power failure TAD data loggers continue to log and the data is later automatically extracted to complete the TAD reports, i.e., no data is lost.  This has been a huge advantage for our customers with critical products when correlating data has been unavailable.
  • Portable – The monitoring hardware can be moved easily with cabinets as required.
  • Each TAD system will support 240 probes.  If requiring more than 240 probes then multiple TAD systems can be run, linking with each other via remote access.
  • TAD Software is “Hands off” automated system which is easy to use, but comprehensive.  All channels are easily configurable for individual parameters and alert recipients.  Temprecord will pre program with client requirements if provided.  Training is provided with new installations.  All Temprecord software is free.
  • Calibrations are built into the TAD temperature and humidity loggers. No requirement for a correction formula to be applied to the downloaded data after recalibration, therefore potential for human error is removed.  Data is available with 0.01°C display resolution.
  • Accuracy across stated range:
    • Temperature: 0.2 °C / 0.35 °F or better.
    • Humidity: 3%
    • CO2: +/- 1.5% of range + 2% of reading
    • Room Pressure Differential:  0.02 of a Pa.  The sensors have zero drift and are offset free.
  • Monitoring Range
    • Temperature:
      • Standard – see individual logger specifications
      • Low Temperature -80 °C / -112 °F
      • Cryogenic -196 °C / -320 °F
      • High Temperature 250 °C / 480 °F
    • Humidity: 0 – 100%
    • CO2: 2% ,3%, 5%, 10%, or 20%
    • Room Pressure Differential: -100 to +100 Pa
TAD Real-time Temperature Monitoring 
Temprecord wireless real time temperature monitor
Temprecord wireless real time temperature monitor
Temprecord wireless real time temperature monitor

Hardware Option

Temprecord real time monitoring

10.4" Slim Fanless Panel PC

PC Panel for use as Master PC or Slave PC’s
TAD PC Panels are available from Temprecord for use instead of, or as well as PCs e.g., as Slave units. They are touch sensitive, can be suspended on a wall and accessed by multiple users as long as they are authorized and have a working user name and password, increasing the ability to delegate tasks to various Users.
The panels are usually utilized where the probes for a designated area report to the individual panel in that area. If remote access is set up by the IT/IS department, the panel can be remotely viewed by other authorised personnel anywhere.

Real Time Monitoring

Multiple TAD Loggers can report to the same PC Panel

Real Time Monitoring

Easy access for multiple authorised Users

TAD Real-time Temperature Monitoring unit. Networked version

Networked Directly