Functionality limitation of firmware version 2.10 loggers

Firmware version 2.10 loggers were manufactured between October 2000 to November 2001.

Most firmware version 2.10 loggers are no longer in service now,  We have provided this page to inform remaining users of loggers with firmware version 2.10 of a functionality limitation.  This occurs when setting the Limit Delay Option in the parameters dialog form in TRW software.

To determine if the logger you are using has version 2.10 firmware programmed in to it follow these instructions.

  • Place your logger into a Reader interface and start Temprecord for Windows software
  • Press the space bar on the keyboard, this will intergate the summary data from the logger and present it on your PC screen.
  • From the summary page go down 22 rows to the line labeled Logger version.
  • See the highlighted line on the image below for an example. The firmware sample shown is from a logger with 2.12 firmware.


    The functionality limitation occurs when for instance you set a Limit delay of 50 samples in to the Limit Delay Option box on the Options/Parameter dialog form in TRW software when setting up a logger for use.
    Which tranlated into english means the logger will wait until 50 temperature samples have been logged before starting to compare any new logged data against the pre-selected upper and lower temperature alarm limits to determine if a breech of the alarm limits has occurred.
    What has been discoverd with loggers programmed with firmware version 2.10 that in fact the users pre-selected upper and lower temperature alarm limits are not compared against until a minimum of 116 temperature samples have been recorded by a v2.10 logger instead of the theoretical 50 samples programmed into the logger by the user at set-up time.
    This event only occurs with loggers programmed with version 2.10 firmware all other firmware versions prior to and post v2.10 do not exibit this functionality limitation.

    Recent versions of Temprecord for Windows software have had a warning message added that appears every time a version 2.10 firmware logger is being set-up in the Options/Parameters dialog form.

    See the image below for a sample of the Options/Parameters dialog form version 2.10 warning message.

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