Single Use Data Loggers

Starting and Stopping Temprecord Single-use data loggers
Inland and Export with break off Start / Stop tabs

Currently we offer two different logger types they are Single-use and Multi-use data loggers. For more information about our different data loggers please visit our product page.

The information on this page is about single use data loggers. These data loggers can only be used once as their name implies then they are returned to your distributor for recycling.

If you would like to change the start delay and sample period settings to different values from the defaults that are pre programmed at the factory (1 minute for start delay and 2 ½ minutes for sample period), you do that now using the Options / Parameters form in Temprecord for Windows software before starting the data logger.

Temprecord single use data loggers have a unique break off tab design for starting and stopping the data loggers.

To start the data logger you simply break off the START tab on the top of the data logger. The start tab is the tab on the left hand side of the data logger when veiwed from the front it also has the word START moulded into the plastic tab.

To stop the data logger you break off the STOP tab on the top of the data logger . The stop tab is on the right hand side of the data logger when veiwed from the front it has the word STOP moulded into the plastic tab.

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