TAD Hardware Options

Temprecord Active Display – (TAD) – Real Time Monitoring

  • Real-time information and alerts with Temprecord Active Display (TAD)
  • monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, clean room differential pressure and monitor status such as power fail, door open, all in real-time
  • fully automated monitoring, warning and reporting system requiring minimal human input, saving time and money as well as reducing the potential for human error
  • preserve valuable product before it goes out of acceptable environmental limits during manufacturing, processing and storage
  • each unit can be individually programmed for parameters, alerts, regular automatic reports in PDF format, with critical data backup

Networked via the PC

PC Panel for use as Master PC or Slave PC’s
TAD PC Panels are available from Temprecord for use instead of, or as well as PCs e.g., as Slave units. They are touch sensitive, can be suspended on a wall and accessed by multiple users as long as they are authorized and have a working user name and password, increasing the ability to delegate tasks to various Users.
The panels are usually utilized where the probes for a designated area report to the individual panel in that area. If remote access is set up by the IT/IS department, the panel can be remotely viewed by other authorised personnel anywhere.
Real Time Monitoring

Multiple TAD Loggers can report to the same PC Panel

Real Time Monitoring

Easy access for multiple authorised Users

Real Time Monitoring

Networked Directly

Networked Correctly Temprecord Active Display – (TAD) Real Time Monitoring

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