Econolog – Multi Use Data Logger

Temperature in transit


General Multi Use

With proven Temprecord performance and economy you can rely on the Temprecord Econolog data logger to track the temperature of products accurately and easily while monitoring perishable or temperature sensitive products in transit as part of the cold chain.

  • 8K Non-volatile Memory (7935 samples)
  • Operating range: -25 °C to +60 °C / -13 °F to +140 °F
  • Accuracy: 0.5 °C or better at 0 °C / 1 °F at 32 °F
  • Blanket calibration certificate available on request
  • Display resolution: 0.01 °C or 0.01 °F
  • LED out of range indicator
  • Push Button: Stop/Start/Markers
  • Case protection rating: waterproof to IP67 or NEMA 6
  • Warranty Period: Parts: 12 months plus 2 years on battery. Applies from date of purchase.

Download logger data using a Temprecord Reader Interface

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