Data Loggers

Temprecord Data Loggers are precise, accurate and reliable, while robust. Options available:
• Single Use
• Multi use
• Calibrated at multiple points with corrections built into logger
• Validated only

Ideal for use during:
• Shipping
• Processing/manufacturing
• Storage

Temprecord is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory standards.
Calibration corrections are built into the individual logger across the stated accuracy range. There is no requirement for a correction formula to be added to downloaded data, avoiding potential for error. Individual logger calibration certificates supplied with logger.

Accurate to 0.2 °C / 0.35 °F or better for temperature and 3% for humidity across stated ranges
Display Resolution is 0.01 °C for all Temprecord loggers, providing more accurate data readings
Temperature range options:
• Standard – see individual logger specifications
• Dry Ice -80 °C / -112 °F
• Cryogenic -196 °C / -320 °F
• High Temperature 250 °C / 480 °F

Probes – 4 different probe options, please see page 2 of data logger brochures
Recycling – program available, please ask us.
Easy to use intuitive software – (great references available from Users!)
• Save file as *TR and/or *PDF, save to folders, PC, Web
• Export to MS Excel or Word – part or all samples
• Print – part or all samples
• Email files
• Auto Mode – saves time with quick processing of batches of loggers
• Software is Free! Ask about our free Mapping software – for use with Temprecord loggers.

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