Temprecord for Windows Software

TRW makes reporting and analysing easy!

TRW makes reporting and analysing easy!

Temprecord for Windows® (TRW) Application is designed for Users applying Temprecord Data Loggers to record information for their specific industry.

Whether you’re a basic or advanced PC user, TRW can assist you with the analysis, customisation and reporting of your temperature data.

  • The temperature data in a Temprecord data window can be displayed in one of four view modes.  These are summary view, statistics viewvalues view and graph view.  The summary view displays the user data, logger serial number, sample period, etc.
  • The Program menu allows you to set the logger parameters, start, stop and re-use the logger. Set options such as Fahrenheit-Celsium, Safe Range, Start and Limit Delay.
  • The Options menu allows you to alter the settings that affect how Temprecord behaves, and customize Temprecord to suit your own preferences. All options are User selectable, if required, and deselected if the information is NOT required for the users specific industry or application.
  • Set default parameters and Auto Mode for Batch Programming loggers.
  • TRW is one of the few data recording software programs available that expresses the Process Hygiene Index (PHI), a numerical value that is equivalent to the growth of a microbial indicator organism (E.coli) during a process temperature history. The PHI value reflects the maximum potential for a process to allow the growth of E.coli and similar organisms and may be used with HACCP applications.
  • TRW generates automatic reports on statistics such as:
    Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)
    Total Temperature Value (TTV)
    Product Integrity Profile (PIP)
    Process Hygiene Index (PHI)
    Refrigeration Index, and;
    Rate of Cooling
  • Load, read, save, export, email and print Temprecord file data. Data can be exported in customisable formats such as .pdf and Excel.
  • Temprecord TRW Software and updates are FREE. Download the software here.

In order to use TRW you will need a:

Temprecord Data Logger

Temprecord Reader Interface

Click here for TRW installation support

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