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Temprecord provide a warranty with all our products, they are exhaustively tested for durability in order to withstand the rigours of the variety of environments applicable so they last the distance, saving money. Temprecord’s research, development and field experience with temperature monitoring leads the market. Our comprehensive range of multi-functional data loggers and software options carry a strong reputation for quality and reliability. With ISO17025 accreditation, our unique 3-point calibration process ensures a high degree of temperature recording accuracy for a wide range of industries including medical, food, and other perishable goods. And now with the support of communication technologies, Temprecord offers a real-time real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system… introducing TAD, the Temprecord Active Display system.

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Data Loggers

Temprecord Data Loggers are precise, accurate and reliable, while robust.
Options available:

  • Multi use
  • Calibrated at multiple points with corrections built into logger
  • Validated only

Ideal for use during:

  • Shipping
  • Processing/manufacturing
  • Storage

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When Product Integrity counts...

Real Time Monitoring

Real time information with real time alerts. Save money by automating monitoring functions and preserving valuable product before it goes out of acceptable environmental limits during:

  • Storage
  • Manufacturing/processing

Temprecord Active Display (TAD) Real-time Monitoring monitors environmental information as it happens, then sends out a warning enabling action to be taken in a timely manner to preserve valuable products. Monitor:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • CO2
  • room pressure differential
  • power failure
  • door opening information

Fully automated monitoring, warning and reporting system requiring minimal human input, saving time and money as well as reducing the potential for human error.

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Real-time information with real-time alerts.

Cold Chain / Transport

Temprecord has developed a traceable validated system for transporting temperature critical product at required parameters in order to maintain the integrity of the product on arrival.

Option: Total System or individual components:

  • Outer Carry Bag – manufactured and printed to your requirements. Reusable.
  • Bins – specifically designed for longevity of cold life. Reusable.
  • Cool packs – specifically designed for longevity of cold life – may be chilled or frozen. Reusable.
  • Separators – for added insulation and protection of product. Reusable.
  • Software if selected.

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We have a range of accessories which include:

  • Data Logger Readers
  • Logger Holders
  • Cold Chain accessories (carry bag, bins, coolpacks)

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Logger Accessories - Readers

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