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The temperature data in a Temprecord data window can be displayed in one of four view modes.  These are summary view, statistics view, values view, and graph view.  The values view displays the temperatures as a list of values in degrees C or degrees F, depending on the setting of the Units option.  You need to read the logged temperature data to see the values view of the logger.  Using the File/Query Logger function only reads the summary data.


The settings of the lower and upper limits affect how the values are displayed.  See the topic how the limits are used when Temprecord displays data for more information.


In values view mode, temperatures that are above the upper limit or below the lower limit can be displayed in a different color.  You can change these colors with the values view options.  By default, these colors are set to red and blue respectively.


If you have Total Temperature Value (TTV) statistics enabled, then these limits determine the color used to display the TTV values, rather than the lower and upper limits.


You can select the values view mode by opening the View menu and clicking on 'Values'.


If Humidity was logged instead, the values shown are for the humidity samples  If both Humidity and Temperature were logged, you can show the values for either or both.  You can select between them by using the View/Temperature, View/Humidity, and View/Temperature and Humidity menu options.


You can also change the view mode from the pop-up menu that displays when you press the right-hand mouse button.


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