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This error is reported when the Temprecord program is unable to communicate with the logger.  Of all the problems you might encounter getting Temprecord operational, this is the most likely.  The reason for this could be because:


you do not have the reader interface plugged in.
you have it plugged in to a port different to that specified by the Options/COM Port setting.
there is no logger inserted in the reader interface, or the logger is not pushed far enough in.
you have inserted the logger the wrong way around.  The logger must be inserted into the reader interface with the hole visible and on the left.  The logger types with snap-off tabs must be inserted with the tab end visible.
the logger is faulty.


You may see other error messages if the logger cannot be accessed.  See the topics:


Unknown logger response

TX timeout

No response from logger

No wakeup from logger


Bad verify

Bad address

Incorrect firmware


for more information.

See also:

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