Stopping a Logger

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Program Menu > Stopping a Logger

Use the Program/Stop Logger function to stop the Temprecord logging temperature samples.  The Temprecord logger status must be LOGGING in order for it to be stopped.


The Temprecord logger will flash the red LED four times in quick succession when logging is stopped.


If you have recently read a Temprecord logger and not yet saved the contents to a disk file, you will be prompted to save the data first.


When you use the Program/Stop Logger function, you will be asked to confirm that you want to do this.  If you prefer not to be asked this question, you can uncheck the option 'Prompt before stopping' in the General Options form.


You can also stop loggers with the switcher or by pressing the button on the logger.


Inland and Export loggers can only be stopped by snapping off the tabs.


You can stop the logger currently in the reader interface by clicking on this speed button on the toolbar displayed along the top of the Temprecord main window


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