Programming a Logger's Parameters

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Before a Temprecord logger is used to record temperature, it is usually programmed first.  This is not necessary, but unless the default parameter settings suit your application, you will generally want to change them.


In the case of the multi-trip and scientific loggers, which can be used more than once, you may wish to change the parameters after the logger has been re-used.


The following parameters can be programmed:


       Logging Temperature, Humidity, or Both

       User Data

       Sample Period

       Start Delay

       Start Time and Date


       Lower and Upper Limits

       Enable Safe Range

       Limit Delay


        Loop Overwrite

        Start and Stop with Button

        Start and Stop with Switcher

        Allow Markers


You can program the parameters for the logger currently in the reader interface by clicking on this speed button on the toolbar displayed along the top of the Temprecord main window.



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